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Low Carb Meals With Whole Foods

by Don Swayze

It shouldn’t be a surprise that eating whole foods are the best way to go if you are seeking nutrition and energy when eating with the low carb lifestyle.  Any types of food in the grocery stores that are canned, wrapped, or boxed just are not as nutritious.  Those products are packaged with ingredients and preservatives that low carb dieters should try to avoid.

One of the major benefits of eating whole foods is that you can eat all of the natural whole foods that you wish whilst still losing weight and looking great.  Certain fruits, vegetables, and protein sources from lean meats should be the heart of your low carb diet.

Don't hold back on fruits and vegetables!  To make eating them more convenient, you can try these strategies:

1.  If there are fruits that don’t need to be refrigerated then keep them in plain view as much as you can.  You will hopefully get into the habit of grabbing them as you leave and enter the house.

2.  When you go grocery shopping try some of the prepared items at the salad bars. These dishes have fruits and vegetables already sliced and prepared for you to eat when you are on the run.

3.  Shop for fruits and vegetables that don’t need a lot of peeling or preparation in order to eat.  Just grab it and go.

Don’t forget about your protein.  Protein is a crucial part of a healthy diet that is necessary in building and repairing tissue.  Complete proteins from animal sources like meat, fish, dairy, or eggs contain all of the essential amino acids that your body does require.  Some examples of whole food/low carbohydrate protein sources that you can enjoy are sirloin steak, Bacon, Buffalo, Veal Cutlet, Tenderloin, chicken, eggs, and turkey.

Cheese is another great whole food that you can enjoy when eating a low carb diet.  Cheese is a nutritious food but you need to watch for the higher fat calories.  Check out  cottage cheese, Ricotta (great on salads), cheddar,  feta, and Colby.

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