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Castus Low Carb Superstores Open in Stockton, California


Castus Low Carb Superstores are booming with more than 100 stores opening this year, but say they are faced with the task of clearing up misconceptions many food giants are creating for the Low Carb Dieter...Do the major food manufacturers understand the science of low carb in the first place?

Castus Low Carb Superstores, America’s largest and fastest growing low carb retail chain, announced the opening of its Stockton retail store at 5756 Pacific Avenue, #20, in Stockton. (In Robinhood Plaza, behind Chili’s).

Andrea Adams, co-owner of the new Stockton venture, says her motivation to purchase a Castus Low Carb Superstore was prompted by recent studies released by the Center for Disease Control, citing carbohydrates as the main link to the increase of obesity in American females.

Adams, a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, notes: “Both myself and my partners were frustrated about the lack of knowledge in the supermarkets regarding low carb diets. You literally have to walk down the grocery aisles nowadays and guess if products marked ‘low carb’, are in fact low carb. We know everything in our store is safe for low carb dieters and compatible with programs such as the Atkins Diet, Protein Power, or South Beach Diets.”

“Supermarkets are offering products containing sugar and corn syrup as low carb, even though they are taboo on low carb diets. There’s a lot of education that needs to occur on the subject of low carb, and we know that Castus will be able to fill that much needed void in the market,” continues Adams.

Adams feels that the labeling of "low carb" products reveals manufacturers' ignorance. Products like Coca-Cola's new low carb cola, which contains sugar, or Kellogg's' new low carb cereal, which contains both sugar and corn syrup, show that "it's obvious they don't understand the premise of a low carb diet."

"My concern is that people will fail with many of the products being introduced at the supermarket level, making it apppear that low carb diets don't work." They DO work, but not not when the product is falsely labeled as 'low carb.' Every product we carry at Castus is specifically made for low carb dieters, meaning they're sugar-free and contain no white flour. Now THAT's low carb,and healthier than what you'll generally find at your local grocers."

Castus offers more than 1,600 low carbohydrate food products such as breads, candies, shakes, prepared entrees, cakes, muffins, salad dressings, cookies, sauces, snack foods, and ice cream. The store also carries a complete line of nutritional items specifically designed for low carb diets. Low Carb workshops will be offered on an ongoing basis, covering diet programs such as Atkins, and aid those who’ve reached a weight-loss plateau. The highly successful Castus Low Carb Workshop has helped more than 20,000 people understand controlled carb diets.

Workshops are held weekly at the Stockton store. Tickets can be pre-purchased by calling the store at 209-473-4335.
One-Hundred U.S. Castus Low Carb Superstores are scheduled to open this year. Overall expansion plans call for 5,000 International retail outlets by 2008.

One-Hundred U.S. Castus Low Carb Superstores are scheduled to open this year. Overall expansion plans call for 5,000 International retail outlets by 2008. For more information, contact Andrea Adams at (209) 473-4335, or visit the Castus website at www.castus.net


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