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Snacks Low Carb Dieters Can Eat


by Patrick Marshall

Did you know that eating low carb snacks every few hours during the day is good for your health and well-being? Unless your doctor has instructed otherwise, you should eat approximately every three hours in order to maintain your blood sugar level steady and keep your energy in balance.

Most people have learnt to eat three substantial meals per day. This is actually not the best way to set up your eating schedule if your goal is to have a steady flow of energy. In addition to having more energy, snacking on low carb foods during the day will also help you digest your food more easily and it helps in burning fat.

Eating large meals during the day, especially with lots of starchy and sugary carbs, is actually a way of preventing proper digestion and loss of fat.

What types of low carb snacks can you eat? It is really quite simple. All you have to do is snack on food items which are low in carbohydrates and sugars.

Below I provide you with some suggestions to snack your way to weight loss and higher levels of energy by taking advantage of healthy as well as nutritious low carb snacks.

1. The sandwich meat of your choice with delicious cheese wrapped around it.
2. Beef cubes tender roasted.
3. Fresh and creamy plain cottage cheese.
4. Various healthy nuts and seeds.
5. Hard boiled eggs.
6. Pre-packaged cheese sticks.
7. Bell peppers stuffed with a low carb filling.
8. Chopped celery mixed into a tuna salad.
9. Stuffed tomatoes.
10. Celery sticks filled with all natural peanut butter.

All of the above low carb snack suggestions are fast to prepare and easy to eat, especially if you are constantly moving around. Of course there are many other more intricate recipes that you can look into but if you are looking for something convenient then these low carbs snacks will be just right.

Patrick Marshall is a contributing weight loss editor at http://www.LowCarb300.com. This article may be reproduced provided that its complete content, links and author byline are kept intact and unchanged. No additional links permitted. Hyperlinks and/or URLs must remain both human clickable and search engine spiderable.


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